National Sausage Week | Grandad’s sausages


Grandad's sausages

Last week was sausage mad! Being a proud British female, I can vouch for and say we love a good banger and what better way to mark National Sausage Week (31st October-6 November) than some delicious sausages from Grandad’s Sausage  company, based in Bury, Lancashire.

They sent me a variety of different bangers to get my teeth into and I was more than a willing candidate.

The company is actually only a few miles away down the road from me so it was the perfect opportunity to try some local produce right on my door step and with Bury Black Pudding a speciality; I had something in mind to make with the sausages and pudding.

Whilst our polenta chips were cooking, me and my boyfriend (Rob) made some delicious sausage rolls out of the Lincolnshire meat. I didn’t make my own pastry because who has time for that these days?

Homemade sausage rolls

Considering the name is aptly named ‘Ye Olde’, we couldn’t help but play on this and made a big giant breakfast burger. Using Grandad’s sausages as the base we topped it with bacon, fried egg, hash brown, tomatoes, Bury Black Pudding and some crumbly Lancashire cheese. It was needless to say I couldn’t finish the thing as we scoffed most of the sausage rolls whilst cooking the burger but nevertheless the sausages were packed full of meaty goodness. They were everything you could want in a great British banger.

The Ultimate Sausage Burger

The pork and fiery chilli were the most interesting of the bunch and with these we made a hotdog meatfest in a bun. Topped with pulled pork and chunks of chorizo with mustard, these were very delicious too.

I’m sad to see National Sausage Week disappear for another year but whenever I’m looking for a tasty banger I’ve found my new favourite local shop.

Did you celebrate National Sausage Week?