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Hey Little Cupcake


Last week I was invited to Hey Little Cupcakes bloggers cupcake decorating class at Spinningfields, Manchester. Being an avid fan of baking, admiring and eating cupcakes, I was so excited to be contacted by The Hut ladies to attend Hey Little Cupcakes decorating class.

As it’s bake off season, it was literally perfect timing for a cupcake class. Starting at 6pm, I headed over to the very familar cupcake shop where I met fellow blogger Lisa. (I’ve made a few regular trips to the shop already on my lunch break)

The smell as I walked in was just amazing, I could constantly whiff chocolate cake everytime I breathed in. The Hut ladies were there to greet me with a glass of pink lemonade (it had to be pink of course to fit with the theme) as well as Sean who’d be teaching us how to decorate the yummy cupcakes. After lots of natter and a quick change into a very cute baking apron, I was ready to get stuck in.

The first thing we made were the roses from sugar paste. Starting off with yellow sugar paste, Sean showed us how it’s really done and then it was our turn to make a few cute little delicate roses.

I like baking but I’d never done anything like this in my life, it was literally out of this world. The room fell silent as us bloggers released our competitive streaks & tried to copy Sean’s pretty roses.

Sean at Hey Little Cupcake

After lots of rolling and warming of the sugar paste, I managed to make my first rose- not too bad for my first attempt… well it went a bit downhill from there. We then made another out of pink sugar paste and it looked nothing like a rose at all; to my disappointment. I literally battered it to death, trying to make it emulate any flower but on the plus side I found the class very therapeutic- probably because I could bash a few rolling pins around.

Sugar paste roses

We then moved on to filling our cakes with custard and salted caramel.. using a little device bought from Home Bargains for 69p (I will be purchasing a few of these for my kitchen). This was the best bit as we got to eat the middle of the cupcake we’d taken out.

Finally we iced our cakes with a green icing to match with the garden/floral theme. Following Sean’s technique I put a lot of pressure on the piping bag and pressed the icing out on to my cake. I probably went a bit over the top.. whoops!

Of course, it wouldn’t be right taking a trip to Hey Little Cupcake without taking some cake away, so I opted for the Twix Brownie as a Thursday night treat. I had such a great time at the class and I want to thank the ladies at The Hut for my present with the lovely personalised message.

Salted Caramel Cupcakes

Hey Little Cupcake’s decorating classes are also available for Hen parties and kid’s parties!