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Hale Country Spa

The whole new year, new me trend has started to slip away into the midst of 2017, but with my Ibiza holiday fast approaching, (160 days to be exact) I’m running out of time to get in shape.

Last week I met up with the lovely Hut team at Hale Country spa club for their Sports Luxe bloggers event. After getting a little bit lost, I made it albeit 5-10 minutes late.

After having a much needed catch up with The Hut ladies, I admired and awed at the amazing Sports Luxe wear clothing in front of me.

I always believe that if you look good and feel confident then you’re going to have a much better work out. If you decide to slope off from the gym early to get a cheeky Nando’s or McDonald’s then least you’re walking around in style and look like you actually work out like a pro.

I’m such a magpie for anything that shimmers, glitters or sparkles so when I saw the collection I fell in love with it straight away.

The whole health kick morning started off with a super healthy smoothie and it took some getting used to. I’ve done the whole juicing diet before but after 1 avocado and kale smoothie, I ditched the diet and opted for solids.

Next was my favourite part of the morning.. PROSECCO! Of course I drank the whole glass and mingled more before the canapés arrived. Unfortunately I didn’t eat any of the canapés as I’m not a sushi or fish eating person but they looked so uniformed and tasty.

The next part of the event, entailed us being able to ask any health or fitness related questions to a fully qualified personal trainer. To my disappoint chocolate and pizza aren’t on the cards if you want a healthy lifestyle.

He suggested eating red meat and eggs for breakfast every morning along with exercise is the perfect combo for healthy weight loss. We gasped in disbelief as I’d never dream of eating red meat for breakfast and especially not on a daily basis.

Of course carbs are also off the cards unless your body can handle them. He suggested cutting them out for a week or two and then re-trying carbs. If you’re stomach bloats and feels sore after carbs, it means your body can’t handle them! Yikes!!

Taking my new knowledge away with me, I’ve started to cut out carbs during the week and sugary cakes and sweets too. In the next few weeks I’m looking to cut them out completely until Ibiza to see if I feel any health benefits from doing so and to hopefully get toned and in shape for my bikinis.

Have you managed to stick with your New Years diet?






OOTW- Autumn styling with Topshop

Hola lovelies,

I’m back with a brand new website up & running with my own domain meaning, I’ll be blogging on a regular basis.

I hit a bit of a brick wall last year with my blog & I knew I needed a change. A blogspot website just wasn’t for me anymore.. I knew I was pretty serious about fashion, beauty & lifestyle blogging in particular so I wanted to make my website my own.

I enlisted the help of another blogger in the community to help me change my website over to word-press and make it more personal to me. The past few weeks I’ve been getting to grips with my new website on the back end of things so this is why my post is slightly delayed.

My first official post today is a fashion post.. this is something I wanted to do more of last year & I never got round to it. Hope you all enjoy my outfit of the week…

Autumn styling
Autumn styling with Topshop


Bodysuit, skirt & heels all from Topshop. Sunglasses from Coach NY.

Topshop haul- SS14 collection

Over the past few weeks, I have been on a mad spending spree buying the spring items which have been hitting our high street stores. Admittedly I’m addicted to the pastel trend this season, which has meant I have purchased some lovely items from Topshops SS14 collection.
For a while I had fallen out of love with Topshop and sometimes I think it’s a bit of a hit and miss with their clothing. It’s like you either hate or love it. I had visited Topshop a lot in Leeds Trinity and walked out feeling disappointed and empty handed as most of the things were way over priced for what they was and to be honest I found similar items in Primarni.
I took a trip back to Lancashire land a few weeks back to get my hair cut as I won’t let another soul touch my hair except my regular hairdresser and as a treat after having a lovely head massage, I decided to hit Topshop to see if I could grab myself a skirt. As soon as I entered Topshop, I was love-struck over this floral skirt which is lightweight and perfect to wear with tights on a brisk spring day and when the weather decides to heat up, it’s nice to wear barelegged with a pair of jelly shoes which I will be purchasing very soon. I used to have a pair as a little girl and now they are back in fashion, my inner 90’s kid is coming out.
A few weekends ago I decided to go on a wild night out around Huddersfield and as I don’t have a lot of statement jewellery I was adamant I would buy some to match my outfit. Topshop has some amazing jewellery at the moment rocking the pastel trend that I love ever so much. I purchased this lovely statement necklace at a reasonable £14.50 after 10% student discount.
I did also purchase a ring with a pink pastel colored stone but unfortunately on the night out, it didn’t survive more than 15 minutes before the stone fell out of the ring which I was pretty annoyed at considering I paid £6.50 and had only worn it a few hours.
Whilst queuing to pay for my items, I was eyeing up the make-up counter and I couldn’t resist. I have heard many reviews before about Topshops lipstick so I thought I would give it a try as I always wear my fail-safe red lipstick. With many colours to choose from, it was hard to decide but the one that stood out the most was this coral colored lipstick named ditsy which my friends say matches my personality very well.
I wore my velvet Asos dress which I had posted about before which went well with my new accessories without buying a brand new outfit.
Have you recently purchased anything from Topshop?

Primark- Shoe love

For a while now I have been lustering after a pair of platform heels which add height but are easier to walk in than most heels. After searching my favourite shoe retailers including Office, Schuh, Topshop and Asos, I couldn’t find what I was looking for. I have come close to finding a pair in Topshop but I hated the colours and priced at £60, I knew they were going to break my ever shrinking bank balance immediately.

This week I took a trip to Leeds for a bloggers event, which I will be writing up about very shortly. My friend Kerys and myself had some time to kill before we had to go and get ready so I begged her permission to go to Primark in Trinity so I could just browse and pick up a few cheap and cheerful everyday tops.

To be honest I haven’t shopped in Primark for years as I always buy my tops from Topshop but as I’m a student, £20 a top was getting too much for me. To my surprise I found some vest tops priced at £3 and a nice loose fitted top for £5.

Optimistically I thought I would search upstairs in the shoe section to see what they had to offer, but I imagined I would probably leave without a pair and be back on the hunt to find some platform heels.

I was completely wrong. These black suede pair of platform heels were talking to me saying ‘Try me on please and buy me’. I’m usually a size 7 in most shoes but as these are a platform, I tried on a size 6 and they fit snug as a bug. In height I’m 5ft 8 so when wearing these I’m probably around 5ft 10 but it’s definitely shoe love. In my eyes shoes are a girl’s best friend and priced at an incredible £14 for these gorgeous labours of love, you can’t really go wrong at all. They did also have a Cobalt blue colour, but I thought I would stick to black so I can match them with everything.

Valentine’s Day is approaching very shortly and I can guarantee I will be now wearing my new favourite pair of heels.  I’m so impressed with these beauties; I’m already planning another trip to Leeds so I can have a massive shopping haul in Primark. 
Have you bought Primark heels before?

My first ever fashion post- January sales

My first ever fashion post is here. After spending Christmas quite poorly in bed for a good few days with that awful stomach bug, I’m finally back and ready to do lots of blog posts.

Of course as soon as I was better, I hit the sales online & took a good few shopping trips to Manchester to bag my-self some bargains.

The first thing I ordered was these burgundy boots from Office on Christmas Eve. Named Ultimate leather boots, these beauties were priced at a reasonable £40.00 and should have been £85.00.Since last Christmas I vowed to myself every Christmas sale I would buy a pair of leather boots as they last ages and look good with dresses & leggings.

Next on my list was this lovely little khaki number from the Urban Outfitters sale. Priced at just £20.00 this was an absolute bargain. I love the lacy detail & buttoned front. I added my trusty black belt to pull my waist in and complete the look.

Finally I bought a burgundy bag to match my boots. Unfortunately the burgundy bag my boyfriend bought me for my birthday last year has broken so I was looking for a cheap daytime bag to fit my notebooks in and all of the other rubbish I think I need in my bag. Whilst in the Arndale I stopped at Warehouse to have a gander and to my delight I found this bag similar looking to my other one for £20.

To complete my outfit I’m wearing my leather jacket which was originally from Miss Selfridge, which I bought almost 3 years ago at £120.

I would also team this look with some clear nude tights to keep my legs warm in winter but being a silly sausage I left them at home.

Have you bought any bargains from the sales this year?

Lots of love Miss Vintage Vibe xo

My Christmas wish-list

Hello all,

For this week’s posting I decided to do a Christmas wish list. With Christmas approaching fast, I finally went out yesterday in Manchester to buy presents for everybody but I haven’t really thought about myself. I wanted to create a Christmas wish list for myself as I have had my eye on some gorgeous items; I’m hoping Father Christmas will bring on the 25th.

Firstly I really want a pair of GHDS as I only have a pair of Mark Smith straighteners which do the job but I have always lustered for the best straighteners on the market. When it was black Friday a few weeks ago I was sat working away doing university work without realising everybody was snapping up a pair for ridiculously cheap and now a lot of the styles have vanished off the website. I do really like the wonderland GHDS though, they are very Christmassy and I would be over the moon to find these in my stocking on Christmas morning. Priced at £135 they are a tad expensive but for limited edition they are totally worth every penny.

Next on my list is a Thomas Sabo watch. I already have a pair Thomas Sabo earrings, necklace & a charm bracelet which I’m 100% satisfied with. Over this past year I have matured style wise and now I am longing for a classy watch. I graduate next year and it would look perfect especially when attending interviews. Of course I wouldn’t look anywhere else and when I received some Thomas Sabo earrings for Easter this year, I was love-struck over a classic watch. I have been told by my parents they are taking me to the Trafford Centre for a Christmas surprise so I’m hoping they took the hint and I will bag myself a lovely watch. It’s £169 which is a lot of money but I would keep the watch for a lifetime.

Finally on my list is a ruby woo MAC lipstick. After reading many blog postings on this product and MAC lipsticks alone, I’ve heard they are the best lipsticks around. As I love my vintage style, I love wearing red lipstick quite a lot but usually I only buy cheaper brands such as L’Oreal or Max factor so this Christmas I would be ecstatic if someone bought me one of these. Usually priced at around £16, Debenhams are having a sale on MAC at the moment and are only asking a small charge of around £12 which is a total bargain if you ask me.

What’s on your Christmas wish list?

Lots of love Miss Vintage Vibe xo