Birmingham weekend in photos

Last weekend me and a very close friend took a trip to Birmingham to get away from Mancunian land. From the start they’re was lots of laughs and giggles and we knew a shopping trip was on the cards when we arrived to Brummy town.(I went a bit crazy in Selfridges and bought some Bobbi Brown make up for £75 whooops) We had planned to go on a night out after a meet up in January and the weekend was perfect. Along the way we took a few photos to remind us of our weekend. Although we unfortunately didn’t have time to explore monuments so we have agreed to take a trip back there soon for more Birmingham madness.

The best of both worlds- Brunette vs Blonde- Dip dye trend

right way UPSIDE DOWN
I have been contemplating dying my hair for the past year but after a hair disaster when I was younger I swore to myself I would never dye my locks again. From the age of 15 I went through the stage of dying my hair regular, with hair caps and foils but it took a lot of work to maintain, and my roots always showed through too soon. I did leave dying it for a while until I got bored and started experimenting with brighter colours such as blue, pink and purple but as my hair is naturally dark brunette, all of that bleaching left my hair clinging on to my head for dear life.
For years I have been a natural haired hippy, I believed in keeping my natural tresses looking their best by using hair masks and pure coconut oil. I promised myself I wouldn’t dye my hair again until I started turning grey (which hopefully isn’t going to happen in the near future). However with my 21st birthday and graduation quickly looming I was screaming out for a change in my hair and my wardrobe. Since the dip dye trend hit our fashion market, I was obsessed from day one the only thing that was missing was to dye my hair dip dye.
After searching P’interest, I went straight back to Mancunian land to my sacred hairdressers Saks to make the most of my last ever student discount. I decided I wanted a more natural caramel colour than platinum blonde as I wanted to keep the look sophisticated. I was incredibly excited when my regular hairdresser stated she would not be using bleach on my hair to achieve the results I wanted as I know too well what peroxide bleach can do to a girl’s hair.
One hour and three quarters later my dream hair had been achieved. I am so glad I have made the change as almost instantly the biggest change was the smile on my face. I love how I get to experience the best of both worlds now without being named a stereotypical boring brunette. I personally believe it’s all a myth; brunettes are mysterious and definitely know how to have a good time but now I’m half blonde too, it shows I have an adventurous side and my friends know I’m the party girl who’s always the last one home after a night out-Without sounding cliché- It’s always the quiet ones right?
I’m going to end with the most cliched motto ever which is always true ‘You really only live once’ so if you’ve had a hair hang up and have been indecisive like myself, my word of advice is to just go for it because you can always dye your hair back to its natural colour. I would recommend visiting a trustworthy hairdresser because as well as a having a bad haircut; we all know a bad hair dye can be much worse.
Have you changed your hair recently?

Snapshot Sundays #1

Happy Sunday lovelies! I decided to start a new feature on my blog called Snapshot Sundays. As the sunnier days have finally arrived, I have really got back into walking and the outdoors.This weeks picture was taken at Greenhead Park in Huddersfield. I absolutely love blossom trees so when I saw this fairy wonderland setting, I had to take a picture.
Lots of love Miss Vintage Vibe xo

Happy Mothers Day- Dear Mum

As its mother’s day I just wanted to dedicate a blog post to my mum.
Dear Mum: I know we sometimes argue and we don’t always get on but you are always there for me through heartbreaks ready and waiting with a box of tissues and  feeding me my own body weight in chocolate to perk me up. When I feel everything is going wrong and I can’t handle university, your there with a flag at the finishing line telling me I can get my degree. Most of all you are helping me achieve my dreams to go to Australia and although you know if an opportunity arises, I will be relocating there and you won’t get to see me often, you are still cheering me on telling me to grab every chance I can because life’s too short and you know you would get to have a holiday in Oz when visiting.
As a thank you for all her help and bringing me in to this world, I treated my mum to a lovely bouquet of tulips from and a card just to say how much I care about her. I chose tulips rather than any other flower as they remind me of spring and I loved the vibrant colours which I knew they would brighten her day. When purchasing a bunch of flowers, I also got a free card and of course I picked tatty ted as it’s her favourite. In total it came to £29.99 with Saturday delivery.
 My mum had no idea I had ordered her anything, I just told her to wait at home as they’re was a special delivery and she couldn’t believe her eyes when a van appeared and a guy stepped out with a giant bouquet with a special message in side. I know that spending a small fortune or even hand making a gift would mean the world to her because as long she knows I’m thinking about her, that’s all that matters.
Happy mother’s day to the most wonderful mum, who today of all days decided to come down to Huddersfield and meet me to buy me a food shop because she knew I was running low on food.

Did you do anything special for your mum this mother’s day?

Roxy Ballroom Leeds- Bloggers event

Roxy Ballroom, Leeds part of the Jones bar group opened its doors a few weeks back and I was luckily enough to be invited, thanks to my fellow blogging friend I have only managed to do a posting as at the time I didn’t have any pictures of the night and I have been waiting for them from fellow bloggers.
Roxy Ballroom is located literally minutes way from the station which was perfect for me, as I had just had a mad dash on a Primark shopping spree at Leeds Trinity and insisted I wore my new platform heels which as they were new, I couldn’t walk in them very long distances.
When we first arrived we were taken straight to the V.I.P room. I didn’t know what to expect but as soon as the doors opened, the Ping Pong table was staring me in the face and I knew I had to have a go. The managers at Roxy wanted to create an All American feel which they certainly achieved.
As soon as the Ping Pong bats and balls made their way to me, me and Kerys acted like little children at a Wacky Warehouse playground and it was game on, or it was until we found out we wasn’t too good at Ping Pong and instead of lightly hitting the balls, they were flying all over the room.
After spending a brief five minutes playing, we decided it was probably for the best for everyone’s sake to give it up and hit the Ping Pong punch instead. The pink concoction made of Amaretto and a bunch of other things was amazing and went down a lot easier than I imagined.
Ping Pong tables and pool tables aren’t just in the V.I.P room; they are situated all around in the main bar which makes it a relaxed place to go during lunch hour or after a long day at work. The V.I.P room is an amazing space for a party with just close friends before hitting a night club. It costs £20 an hour and the ping pong table can be placed in a cupboard if you prefer to have an open space party.
My 21st is approaching in July and I haven’t planned anything yet but I know I want to do something big. I think Roxy Ballroom would make an ideal location to host my party and I can guarantee everyone will enjoy playing beer pong.
Have you been to Roxy ballroom?

The Valentines break up

Valentine’s Day, is usually described as a commercial money making day by most people. A few days ago I would have been less partial to this idea but only a few days ago my boyfriend of almost 3 years finished me. For the special day I pictured a lovely candlelit dinner in a nice restaurant followed by an exchange of romantic presents I had bought.

I thought wrong and now instead this first Valentines posting which was supposed to be a present gift idea for him is a gift idea list for all those single ladies out there who can’t stand the thought of seeing couples everywhere being romantic and mushy.

I never thought a week before Valentines I would be coming to terms that I’m single and trying to get through the last months of my Journalism degree.  However after an emotional few days I’ve realised I need to focus on me for a while and this Valentines I will be spending it with lots of my girly friends.

When I was searching for gifts I found the website which specialises in personalized gifts. Although a lot of them are in the £40 range or higher, I found ‘Our date jar’ priced at £13.95. I think this is a nifty idea to encourage you and one of your girlfriends to have a laugh not just on Valentine’s day by creating weekly date trips to the cinema or having a Jim jams movie marathon day.

For Valentine’s VirginExperienceDays have some great offers, such as eating at Heston B’s pub or having a spot of afternoon tea. I spotted this Boudoir photo-shoot for her at a reasonable cost of £28.00. The shoot also contains hair and make-up styling which means an extra pampering on Valentines to heal the wounds and to show the world you’ve still got it.
Finally if all else fails, Hotel Chocolat have this amazing chocolate gift selection for £39. This makes the perfect gift to take round your friends to make movie night extra scrumptious. Let’s face it too going through a break up is tough and chocolate makes everything better. This gift set also contains a bottle of rose which can be used as pre drinks before hitting the town.

For anyone out there who is newly single this Valentine’s day, I know it’s hard but with time it’s going to get better and you will probably realise life is a lot greener on the other side. For a long while, even when in my relationship, I was planning a GAP year to Australia and this break up has made me realise to go and follow my dreams.

How are you going to be spending valentines?

Murder Mystery party- Finding the perfect dress


My weekly blog posting has arrived. I promised last week to post at least once a week as I want to be a dedicated blogger. It’s been such a manic week with deadlines and what not; I haven’t had much time to myself. As I’m at university most of the time, I have only been home three times within this term so when I was invited to a murder mystery party a few weeks ago it was the perfect excuse to go home and buy a new outfit to dress up.

Each of us who attended got a character we would be playing for the evening. I was selected to be:

Ingrid Pith: You are a Danish art-dealer, specializing in finding paintings all over occupied Europe. You are very busty and flirtatious.

Suggested clothing Very low-cut evening dress with a slit skirt
As soon as I heard about my character, it turned into a two week hunt for the perfect dress. I searched all of my favourite clothing websites such as Topshop and Asos but when I couldn’t find a dress I liked, I began to search all of the small boutiques I hadn’t tried. However as I’m fussy I had no luck with this either.

Some of my blogging friends had ordered from Chi Chi clothing, a fashionable London based brand, so I thought I would at least search the site optimistically. I looked in the sale section as I wanted a budget dress. To my surprise I found this gorgeous ivory lace maxi style dress with a sexy but classy thigh split, extra padding to make my boobs a bit bustier & pretty diamantes to give the dress some sparkle.

To my surprise the dress should have been £54.99 and was on sale for £32.99. When I ordered the dress I got a further 10% off and next day delivery. In the end it only cost me a small price of £29.99. Being a bit apprehensive on sizing’s as I’m a size 6-8, I asked for some advice from friends. The Chi Chi brand is known to be a bit bigger on sizing’s so I ordered a size 6.

The next day I was surprised when the dress fit snug as a bug. To finish the look off I wore pointed red suede heels which I bought from The head over heels section in Debenhams a while ago. I also picked some fine jewellery, a friend had bought me for my 18thbirthday and of course it wouldn’t be the same without my trusty red lipstick.

Have you ordered from Chi Chi clothing before?

Lots of love Miss Vintage Vibe xo

Manchester Christmas markets 2013


I know it’s been a while since my last posting but as you can see I have revamped my blog design thanks to Kerys Marie, owner of . I have also been incredibly busy with university work, but after getting some lovely business cards matching my blog layout, I thought it was time to get serious about being a blogger. I’m making a promise to blog at least once a week from today as it’s one of my goals of the year.

Miss VintageVibe is back and I thought I would do a posting on the Manchester Christmas markets. After having a lazy weekend with my fella, we decided to hit the Christmas markets today to get into the spirit of Christmas as it’s the 1st of December. It’s officially 24 days till Christmas and counting, now that’s something to get excited about.
To be honest, I haven’t had the time to do any Christmas shopping at all, which is extremely shameful but with being in my third year at university, I never have much time to my self. I’m really upset as this year I won’t be able to go home to help my mum put up the Christmas tree and do all the fun bits, but I’m so excited to be able to relax with my family on Christmas day.
I decided to go to the markets to at least get an idea of what to buy people. My mum is usually the trickiest to buy for as she really does have everything, but after going to the markets I have seen some lovely home-made items which you just couldn’t find anywhere else. I’m considering buying her a musical snow globe, it’s a lovely keepsake that will remind her of Christmas time.
I didn’t really spend too long looking at presents because the main attraction to the markets for me is the food. The whiff of German sausages and the sweet smell of pancakes had my belly rumbling instantly. For those that know me I’m trapped in a skinny minny body and have an appetite of a pig. I just couldn’t resist a big Bratwurst sausage for £4.50 they are the tastiest treats around and as the markets are only here for Christmas why not treat your self.
The stalls which are set out over St Ann’s square and Manchester town hall have plenty to offer. This isn’t the last time I will be going to the markets as I really want a pancake for my tummy.

Have you been to the Christmas markets this year?

Lots of love Miss Vintage Vibe xo