Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming | Perfume Review

Miss Dior Absolutely Blooming

Miss Dior

Perfume is definitely a girls best friend; especially when it’s Dior. I’m always on the hunt for a new scent to make me feel like a million dollars, so when it came to buying my new fragrance a few weeks back I couldn’t wait to try something new. I do on occasion replenish a fragrance if it’s a firm favourite but this time I was ready to embrace a new smell.

I took a trip to The Trafford Centre one Saturday afternoon to find my million dollar bottle of wow and after being inside Boots for a brief few minutes, a sales lady approached me as I was browsing. Anyone that knows me knows I’m a sales ladies best friend; meaning I always walk out with more than what I bargained for. Whether that be perfume or make up, I rarely check the price hefty price tag attached it.

In her hand she was clutching Miss Dior’s latest scent ‘Absolutely Blooming’ and of course I was more than willing to give the perfume a whiff. She explained the perfume is a sweet smelling scent without smelling like an oversweet cupcake.

I opted for the 50ml bottle as Boots had a promotion on with 10% off fragrances and in this case, the more the better. In total it came to £63.00 which is a really good price for a new high end fragrance on the market.

The bottle is decorated with Dior’s signature bow and it’s transparent so you can admire the lovely light pink colour. With hints of musky notes and red berries, it’s the perfect fragrance to transition you from Summer to Autumn.

In house perfume designer Francois Demachy announced it as ‘the edition that opens with bright fruity notes, intended for cheerful women who love life.’

Miss Dior

Another promotion at the time of my purchase meant I also received a mini Dior lipstick, and this very adorable tiny bottle of ‘Absolutely Blooming’. If I’m looking for a top up on a night out this smaller than hand size bottle will fit snuggly in my handbag.

I couldn’t thank the woman enough at Boots as she also gave me a free Dior lash primer. I’m yet to try my freebies, so I’ll review these in a separate post.

What’s your new Autumn scent?

Vivienne Westwood- Mon Boudoir perfume review

viv west

It’s been another long but exciting week working at The Milton Club, so when the weekend came, I couldn’t wait to treat myself to lots of lovely things from the Trafford centre. (It was officially pay day, Friday, so I couldn’t resist)

Today on my weekly blog post I’m reviewing my Vivienne Westwood perfume- Mon Boudoir. To be honest, I’ve had this perfume a good few months, I just haven’t got round to reviewing it here.

Anyone that knows me will tell you I’m a Viv Westwood enthusiast. I love the story behind her career and how she made it big in the fashion industry. I just still haven’t managed to save up for one of her designer bags yet…… When I was browsing in The Perfume Shop a few months back I noticed the perfume sat on its own in the sale rack. I instantly picked it up and started jumping around with joy as it was only £21.99 which is an absolute bargain. Having never had a whiff of the perfume before, I asked for a sample but to my disappointment, the shop only had the 1 bottle left.

After much consideration, I dragged myself out of the shop and thought it’d be best to have a look online at reviews. Five minutes later I was back with my card ready to buy the perfume… It was a bit of an impulse buy due to my obsession with everything Westwood, but it paid off.

The delicate floral scent and musky notes of this perfume have me hooked. I’m already half way through the bottle and will be re-purchasing another when it runs out. This perfume is perfect for day to night use. The floral scent keeps me smelling fresh all day while the musky notes are strong enough for night time wear. As you can see from the photos, the bottle is the classic Viv Westwood style, which can be found on many items of her jewellery and clothing.

I would give this perfume a big 5/5. I’ve had far too many comments from ladies on my commute to work asking me what my perfume is. I think it’s important to be able to have an all-time favourite perfume you can wear whatever the season.

What’s your favourite perfume?