Mottram Hall | One night spa stay for two

Mottram Hall

Set in 270 acres of glorious Cheshire countryside, Mottram Hall, on the outskirts of Macclesfield is the perfect venue for a spa break, wedding or a spot of afternoon tea.

Around a month ago, I started to research country halls in and around Macclesfield as me and my boyfriend are looking to settle down and buy our first property in the area. This was a great excuse to check out what the surroundings had to offer.

After relentlessly looking for hours, I stumbled across Mottram Hall. Originally I booked a night here via but cancelled it when I found their amazing spa package. In need of a days relaxation away from the city of Manchester, this sounded perfect.

The package included an hour spa treatment each, light lunch, an evening meal up to £28 each, a glass of bubbly in their champagne bar, buffet breakfast, use of the spa facilities all day and a room for the night in the 4 star hotel. In total it cost £258.00 between us.

Unfortunately on arrival at 10am for our spa treatments there seemed to be a mix up and instead of treatments commencing from 10 till 12 (we had to go in separate rooms) the lady on reception told us our treatments would be 11-1pm.

She profoundly apologised and told us we could use the facilities straight away which worked out for the better in the end. We both had the chance to relax for an hour together lying on one of their comfy loungers by the pool.

We both chose the relaxing face and back ritual with spa. It was a combination of gentle exfoliations and relaxing aromatherapy back massage as well as a face and scalp massage to melt away tension and leave skin radiant.

I arrived to the spa reception and was told to relax in their relaxation room until the lady called me for my treatment. After having a nice lie down the lady called my name and I followed her upstairs for my treatment.

I’ve had a back massage in the past but this was by far the best. She started off by massaging my back and after 30 minutes in, I turned over and was given an amazing facial followed by a scalp massage. The products felt amazing on my skin and I couldn’t believe how quick time flew by in there. My skin looked really radiant, even without make up on.

After Rob had his treatment we headed into the restaurant for our light lunch. The waitress told us our lunch would consist of a picnic basket style with cheese, crackers, hummus and tomato soup with a crusty roll.

Picnic lunchbox

To be honest I didn’t have much of an appetite by this stage so I was more than happy to eat what was on offer. Disappointedly our package didn’t include any drinks, not even a glass of orange juice each, which meant I ended up forking out £5.40 on a glass of orange juice and a hot chocolate. It wasn’t the end of the world but it would of been nice to have a drink included for lunch.

After this we spent a further few hours trying out the different jacuzzi’s and steam rooms and then we headed to check in around 3.30pm . I’d already pre-booked our meal for 8pm so we headed straight to our room.

Mottram Hall bedroom

Slightly on the small size, the room was well furnished and nicely decorated. If we were staying any longer than a night, I would of opted for a bigger room but nevertheless the bed was extremely comfy. It was so comfy in-fact we both fell asleep until around 6pm!

Frantically getting ready after our nap we made it to the restaurant 5 minutes late. Although there were plenty of seats near the front we got shoved right near the back which wasn’t great as we had to ask for some water for the table twice.

Carrington’s Grill in Mottram had a 2 or 3 course option starting from around £22 but unfortunately literally nothing took our fancy… Duck confit or lamb shank with sultanas wasn’t up either of our streets so we ended up picking the steak.

Served with peppercorn sauce, chips and a portobello mushroom it came in at a whopping £29. We were both expecting some serious flavour in the meat for this price.

Mottram bread board

For starters we had the Mottram bread board with a selection of white and brown bread with olive oil and balsamic dip. The bread was nice and fresh but the dip was very sticky.

Whilst waiting for our steaks we ordered a bottle of red which came in at a disgustingly price of £28.00. Usually we would more than happily spend up to £20.00 for a bottle but this was just ridiculous. To add salt to the womb, I googled the wine and you can buy it from your local shop for £6.95!

The steak finally arrived and it was nothing but disappointment… The peppercorn sauce didn’t quite cover the meat, the chips were slightly undercooked and the medium rare cooked steak was rather chewy and a bit rarer than I’d like.

Steak with peppercorn sauce

Knowing we wouldn’t eat till breakfast time, we did order a dessert each and this was pretty damn good. I opted for the lemon posset with raspberry sorbet… It was creamy lemon goodness in a bowl.

Lemon posset with raspberry coulis

After the meal we enjoyed our complimentary champagne in the bar which was a very nice touch to end the evening before shooting off to bed.

Buffet breakfast in the morning was very standard, yet again no frills, but it was nice and hot. Rob ordered a pot of tea which came after breakfast and as we were about to head off.

Full English Breakfast

In all I would definitely recommend the spa day. The treatments were a very good standard and the facilities were some of the best I’d seen. I don’t know if I’d come back to the hotel again as I felt it was a rich person’s paradise. It was filled with people who don’t know how to spend their money. I like spending my hard earned cash on good home-cooked food without the price tag.

Have you been to Mottram Hall before?



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  1. wow sounds like you had an amazing time! Always wanted to go to Mottram hall, never had the chance. Will need to make more of an effort to pop in. Also great blog! it’s my first time on it, loving it so far 🙂

    • Thanks for the lovely comment! I would definitely recommend visiting Mottram even if it’s just for the spa day or afternoon tea 🙂 x

    • Thanks for your comment. It was set in really lovely grounds and the building was pretty impressive but definitely on the pricey side! x

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