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Hale Country Spa

The whole new year, new me trend has started to slip away into the midst of 2017, but with my Ibiza holiday fast approaching, (160 days to be exact) I’m running out of time to get in shape.

Last week I met up with the lovely Hut team at Hale Country spa club for their Sports Luxe bloggers event. After getting a little bit lost, I made it albeit 5-10 minutes late.

After having a much needed catch up with The Hut ladies, I admired and awed at the amazing Sports Luxe wear clothing in front of me.

I always believe that if you look good and feel confident then you’re going to have a much better work out. If you decide to slope off from the gym early to get a cheeky Nando’s or McDonald’s then least you’re walking around in style and look like you actually work out like a pro.

I’m such a magpie for anything that shimmers, glitters or sparkles so when I saw the collection I fell in love with it straight away.

The whole health kick morning started off with a super healthy smoothie and it took some getting used to. I’ve done the whole juicing diet before but after 1 avocado and kale smoothie, I ditched the diet and opted for solids.

Next was my favourite part of the morning.. PROSECCO! Of course I drank the whole glass and mingled more before the canapés arrived. Unfortunately I didn’t eat any of the canapés as I’m not a sushi or fish eating person but they looked so uniformed and tasty.

The next part of the event, entailed us being able to ask any health or fitness related questions to a fully qualified personal trainer. To my disappoint chocolate and pizza aren’t on the cards if you want a healthy lifestyle.

He suggested eating red meat and eggs for breakfast every morning along with exercise is the perfect combo for healthy weight loss. We gasped in disbelief as I’d never dream of eating red meat for breakfast and especially not on a daily basis.

Of course carbs are also off the cards unless your body can handle them. He suggested cutting them out for a week or two and then re-trying carbs. If you’re stomach bloats and feels sore after carbs, it means your body can’t handle them! Yikes!!

Taking my new knowledge away with me, I’ve started to cut out carbs during the week and sugary cakes and sweets too. In the next few weeks I’m looking to cut them out completely until Ibiza to see if I feel any health benefits from doing so and to hopefully get toned and in shape for my bikinis.

Have you managed to stick with your New Years diet?






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